asking the right questions is key




We think we all have a role here to protect our land and oceans. We all have to make conscious decisions regarding ethical fishing and farming methods. Eating food that complies to responsible practice simply means we eat better food that will sustain us for future generations. Whether you are farming or harvesting wild produce, having an awareness and responding to the impact to other wildlife and habitat is crucial. 

We support organic principles and admire the ethics of Sole of Discretion. We buy our salmon from Wester Ross and although not organic they follow similar principles. Our packaging is sourced from an FSC accredited company and posted to you with insulation from natural, biodegradable sheep’s wool fibres.

Our wildlife is literally choking on plastic from our waterways. Our research and investment will be in education, responsible wild harvesting and protection of our shores and seas. Our firm belief is that on land, containment farming is a solution that provides us with incredible quality and allows nature to heal itself. Our aim is to have our own fishery and to demonstrate these advantages. Having a system that symbiotically helps the next process is a principle that can help us all develop in a more sustainable way. If we adopted similar principles within our communities the world would be a healthier place. We all just have to ask the right questions and then act on the solutions.