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the lost art of the smokery

Smoking Process


We believe selecting the right ingredients is key. Whether you’re growing, rearing or processing, the same principles apply. The craft and chain of events all have to be done with the intention of delivering the very best.

It starts with incredible hand reared Salmon delivered to our door, super fresh. Freshness is essential to the success of the end product. Texture is also fundamental as the fish are slow reared and it provides a density perfect for smoking.



We use a dry cure method

Once the fish are filleted, pin boned and prepared, we dry cure. Dry curing is the process to remove the water, add flavour and preserve the salmon. We use sea salt and unrefined sugar with a high molasses content. This is the first stage in creating character. Time, ratio of sugar and salt using the best ingredients.


flavouring fish with smoke

We smoke in a very traditional way in a brick built kiln which we designed and built ourselves. Smoking is an ancient art that really resonates with us in a primeval way.

We use sustainably sourced timber to layer the flavour to harmonise with the fish. Oak is the flavour we all associate with smoking which I believe is important for the base note but it can be very dominant. We have developed a recipe combining a mix of woods including oak and beech and our own ingredients which make it unique to us. We cold smoke which takes 12-14 hours in small batches and gives us more control over the qualit