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The Smoke Shed Cook


A farmer’s son from west Wales, Ed has always had a keen interest in cooking and the celebration of great food and drink around a table.

Ed, with his wife and not forgetting his mother, have created a special house hotel in Pembrokeshire called Llys Meddyg. Ed would say it's based on decent human principles. They support the local growers and producers, they pick wild ingredients and the menu reflects the changing seasons. The idea of Llys Meddyg is to provide guests with an authentic experience, leaving them with a memory they can reference with a smile.

Ed spent several years in the kitchen and he was fortunate to have worked with several chefs from Michelin backgrounds. Kitchens are tough places but they are also a place where you can make change. Kitchens are high energy, emotional environments where food becomes the language. He believes that food is central to enjoying life.

Llys Meddyg has become an important place for many people. It has won many awards and it continues to reflect and improve to maintain its sense of spirit and desire to please.

The new venture The Smoke Shed was born from wanting to add value. The ancient craft of smoking was used as a form of preservative but today it's to enhance flavour. Ed has been smoking for years getting to understand it's curious ways and disciplines to create food that ‘sings’ and tells a great story.

The Smoke Shed’s first product is cold smoked salmon and has been a revelation. In the past, put off by badly farmed salmon, the hand reared, hand fed, slow-grown sustainable salmon come from the cold waters of north west Scotland. An exciting discovery; firm textured, perfect fat content, great flavour and the perfect companion for the smokery. After years of testing through the restaurant the smoked salmon is ready to go public. Entered into the Great Taste Awards, Ed’s smoked salmon was rewarded with an “Outstanding” Two Star award.  But it isn't about awards for Ed, it's about sharing great food. 

View of sunset Newport, Pembrokeshire

View of sunset Newport, Pembrokeshire


My boys would never forgive me if I didn’t produce the salmon, Christmas would not be the same!

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